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How to find YHWH’s name in The Lights of Perfection Wheel

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First, draw out the 12 tribes, and then the 22 letters within.
Last time I introduced the InnerWheels in InnerWheels: a few things you should know, I stated that the letters could be arranged in “rays” that project from the letter OX, and line up with the 12 Tribes to form 12 rays.
If you look carefully, you will also notice that the 22 letters also create three inner circles which fit inside of the circle of the 12 Tribes
I like to call these circles rings. Too many wheels here.
So next, you can mark out the three inner rings. These rings include the letters BETH through MARK.
OX is not included in the rings, but is rather the axis of the wheels.
Because what can anyone do without strength to survive?
Energy (n) : a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work (
Do you see that second ring outward, starting from the center OX?
I have highlighted this particular ring below in blue...
You can divide it into upper and lower halves.
Notice how the BEHOLD, NAIL and HAND and all the letters in the top half of the ring?
BEHOLD, NAIL and HAND are HEY, VAV and YOD in the Hebrew language.
Transliterated in English, the three letters would be H, W, and Y

...the only three letters one needs to spell the YHWH's holy name.

-The Caltrap,

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