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InnerWheels - A few things you should know

Every color has a meaning. Every number a letter

Inner Wheels is based on the names of the 12 Tribes of Israel, the Hebrew aleph-bet, the Additive Color spectrum (red, yellow and blue are not the primary colors our eyes use!)

But first, let's learn a few terms, to help you follow along. Feel free to ask me any questions:

I call this chart the Inner Wheels, because it has three concentric circles, plus one stationary place at its center.

I have named this site, 4InnerWheels after it.



REUBEN (Bold and all caps)- Name of Tribe of Israel

OX (Italics and all caps)- Letter of Hebrew alphabet

Goals - Tribe category 

[Edit: I'll be nuking this key in a few posts - It just doesn't flow for me. Letters from now on are in all caps.]


The most basic rule of the chart is this: 1 is the biggest number of all. Everything just gets lesser.

We've all learned that 1 is greater than zero, 2 is greater than 1, 3 than 2 and so forth.

Leave this at at the door for now - the lower the number, the higher the rank.

Here is a thought experiment to explain the reasoning behind this:

Suppose you had whole set of 24 basketball players at your command.

You ask them to play against each other, 12 on 12.

One team works together to score points.

The team of 12 players is each checking his email or trying to be his own leader

Who would win?

The Bible speaks about spirits in command of a human event, not the amount of dirt under command. Quite often, the war that was won was not decided by the size of the army, but whether the only True God was with the army. After that, the the number of soldiers did not matter. If you are divided, then you are weak - it is as simple as this - and the whole world - that includes the parties which you stand against - will be ready to break apart.

Fewer leaders means a stronger team. At least they are are not divided. Strength not only comes in numbers. but numbers and unity.

But with the InnerWheels chart, we just want unity.

Here are some of the basics parts the InnerWheels chart...

First, on the edge of the chart is the Outer Ring. This ring contains the names of the Twelve tribes of Israel in order of birth, goings in a circle of twelve places. GAD should be directly underneath (or across from) REUBEN.

This Inner Wheels chart has more parts to this. They should flow in the same direction of the birth order of tribes in the outer ring.

On this Web blog, all parts of the chart will travel counter-clockwise (the opposite direction that a regular clock hand ticks). You can do this clockwise, but I prefer counter-clockwise, since it coincides with the direction of Hebrew writing, at least from the top.

The important thing is that the rest of the chart needs to follow the same direction that you give to the tribes. So whichever direction you choose, stick with it.
The names of the twelve tribes of Israel should be translate so they will be easy to use.

Any Bible/Torah with the full book of Genesis will give you a rough translation of what the fathers of the tribes' names mean. Just read what their mothers had to say at the times of their births!

Now we go on to the letters.

Inside (but not touching) the ring of tribes will be the 22 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-bet, in an non-arbitrary spiral outwards, starting at the center. The first letter will be OX (ALEPH).

The next three letters after OX surround OX in a triangle - BET - GIMEL - DALET. Here. you see that I used the literal meanings for the letters - which can be found at and other places on the web. Translated, these letters mean "HOUSE - CAMEL - DOOR", respectively.

The next six letters form a six-point hexagon around the triangle and the "OX :at the center. I used "BEHOLD" to represent the fifth letter, which is "HEY" on this chart. Other place on the web may translate this fifth letter to mean "window" instead.

The next twelve letters form a 12-point path around the hexagon, the triangle and the center "OX".

The Last letter used on this chart is "MARK" ("TAV"). Sofit letters are not used here. (...don't worry if you don't know what a sofit is - those are just a final form for some of the letters when used in writing - they're like capital letters in English, but at the end...)

The final result should be a 12 point ring on the outside, with the letters inside forming a "12-bump" mass in the middle.

There should also be three prominent rays of letters projecting from the center OX point.

The Twelve tribes in the Outer Ring, when placed correctly, should also categorize each of the letters (except OX), into distinct rays under each tribe. Some tribes will have 3 letters in their ray. Some tribes will have two letters. Some tribes will have only one letter underneath the tribes.


The twelve tribes create 12 categories of letter (without OX). These twelve tribes can also be subdivided into three categories.

The way that these three categories are derived will be explained in a later post. For now, just follow along and notice which tribe each letter is falls under.

Tribe Categories

There are three categories of tribes. These are Goals, Links and Interactions.


SEE A SON (REUBEN), VINDICATED (DAN) and REWARD (ISSICHAR) are the three tribes in the Goals category. This is the biggest category...because it has the most number of letters. These are the three prominent 60 degree rays that you see in the chart projecting from OX.

SEE A SON = to generate a thing that was not existing before

HOUSE: any system of being (like a family, a house or person.) Any two things that stick together, regardless of the means, make a house. It could be a chemical bond, physical, gravitational, social, emotional, familial, legal it doesn't matter. A bond is a bond. "A house divided against itself will not stand" (Mark 3:23-26)

BEHOLD: to lack self-restraint (whether for good or ill) The result can be anything, depending on the the stuff that was bound together. It could be children, it could be the sunlight reflecting from a car on a sunny day. It doesn't matter.

PALM: Self-Restraint

You see how there are three letters under the SEE A SON.

As I have said earlier, first things always have dominance.

All the things in the universe are made of parts. Anything that can be seen now, must be made of unseeable parts.

Expression is natural, and is usualle unreetrained unless the expressor has some reason to restrain itself. So, to be release something thing from the self (BEHOLD) is the prerequisite expressing self-restraint (PALM)

Do you notice how the rank of the letters travels outward from the center of the chart, from OX outwards towards the edge of the chart?

VINDICATED = to support, or establish something that already exists.

The difference between Vindicated and Behold is that behold is directionless production. Vindicated is direction based production.

Level 2 - Camel: The Camel represents any thing that it supposed to to work for something else. Camel is under the Tribe of Vindicated, which is also translated to Judge. We decide whether a thing should be vindicated or judged based upon the rules or law that we make for them. The only reason that we make laws and rules is because the ones who must follow the rules are cogs, or parts, of a larger system - a system which has a greater, expected result, expected by the law giver...

Level 3 - Sword: to cut off. If the member of society does not obey the the result oriented rules, it maybe cut off from it's source or the entire syetem. Now, Sword does not neccesarily mean death or an exceution. Sword could also mean being cut off from the society (improsonment) or having one's privaledges taken away.

Level 4 - Support: If the law-abiding member of society continues to follow the result-oriented laws, he/she/it should expect to have its existance withing the system supported.

The difference between Vindicated and Behold is that behold is directionless projection. Vindicated is direction-based production. If you exist, then your existence was effortless. You must make an effort to conceal yourself. But if you are a factory, you must watch everything you do. You must make sure you are not taking actions to cut off your production. Behaviors that damage our abilities to produce are easier to make, than productive ones. This is why the "destructive" letter under SEE A SON is palm, and it sits three letters removed from OX while the destructive letter under VINDICATED is weapon, but it is only two letters removed from the OX.

Shamlessnes is default - and making mistakes that do not benefit us are also default as well.

Beautiful, ain't it?

Reward = The opportunity - to receive some consequence or a useful result from something else.

Level 2 - Door: This is penetration. One cannot enter a closed-off room without changing the room...Think about it. Once the barrier has been opened and crossed, there are one of two things that can happen:

Level 3 - Snake: The enzymes of many venomous snakes works in an interesting way: the enzymes in the venom ruptures the surface of living cells that it comes into contact with, destroying it. The technical term is that these chemicals lyse cells' membranes.

Now, unless, the victim with the busted cells is intended to be food for the serpent in question, the cells and it's contents will need a miracle to get back together. Basically, destruction upon encounter is default.

Level 4 - Needle's Eye: If you could get a thing in your grasp, like a thread in a needle's eye, what would you do with it? If you were smart you would actually... use it. If you chance upon a situation you would be wise to make use of it. Like the needle's eye, every actor has a limited capacity to carry anything. Like the thread, many things that may be be of use, must be handles wisely or the thing may slip out of a useful grasp. Like the thread in the needle, the opportunities afforded us may be taken too lightly, thus threatening the strength of the tapestry behind it and ahead of it.

We often look behind us to guess where we are going, making judgments based on the order of stitches preceding the current emergence of the needle, and the patterns that are suggesting behind us. Patterns do not need to be continued as they are seen, but stitches are difficult to be unscratched.

Like a thread, all things that can be taken up must have an end. Or be invisibly replenished.

Links: Each Tribe in the Links category has two States underneath.

Attached, means, well = attachment

Good Fortune / Approaching Troop = anticipation of an approaching result

May He or It Add = Desire (but no cigar)

Interactions: most of the Tribes (6 out of 12, or every other tribe) are in the Interactions category. Each of the Interactions Tribes has only one State underneath them.

One Who Hears = response to stimuli / command

Praise = Self - Expression

My Twisting/My Struggle = active resistance,

Happy = self - initiative, pleasure

Honor/ House = to receive goods or services from others you

Son at My Right Hand = desire (within one's possession), choice

Well, that's it for now in the InnerWheel Series! There are many more concepts that I have found concerning the chart that I want to share, but I want to get questions in this post and make sure I've answered all of them before I do so.

Any questions?


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